short film by Carlos Violade
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Three friends, three beers, three phonecalls…
After a chance encounter, three childhood friends decide to have a beer together to celebrate. After years without contact they are happy to see one another again but are unaware that it is now impossible for them to really connect as old friends.


Fede: Manolo Solo • Juanete: José Luis García Pérez • Nacho: Fran Torres • Businessman: Antonio Dechent


Director and script: Carlos Violadé • Assistant director: Adán Barajas • Executive Producer: Julio Vergne • Production manager: Melele Sánchez • director of photography: Alex Catalán • Sound Director: Daniel de Zayas • Sound and Mix Desing: Jorge Marín • Costume design: : Lourdes Fuente • Make-up:: Consolación Guerrero y María Liaño • Art Director: Edgar Molinos • Editor: Mercedes Cantero


Seville, 1977. These are his work:
“EVERYDAY SUNRISE” (35 mm.10 min. 2007) • Short Film Festival 2008 Porto - Mention of Honour • International Film Festival City of Mercedes, (Buenos Aires) • Special Distinction. FOC Film Festival 2nd place • VII Edition La Falla Corretgeria de Valencia • 3rd Place. Special invitation 34 Film Festival Iberoamericano, Huelva • Selected by Cervantes Institute for the diffusion of Spanish films around the world
“20,000 TIMES” music video for pop group NADADORA, selected by ROCK DELUXE magazine as one of the ten best music videos of 2005.
“INSTRUCTIONS FOR LIFE” coauthor Miguel Brieva (video. 56 min.2003) INJUVE award.
“INSIDE” (vídeo B/N 14min 1999). Shown at the Contemporary Art Museum, Barcelona and used for educational purposes at the University of Seville.

Premio AISGE mejor interpretación masculina: Manolo Solo
Finalista XIII concurso iberoamericano Versión española / SGAE
Premio RTVA Mejor Obra Andaluza, Festival Internacional de Jóvenes Realizadores de Granada, FIJR 2011
Primer PremioIII Certamen de Cortometrajes Luis Gonzada 2011 Madrid
Segundo Premio Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Ciudad de Mercedes Buenos Aires 2011
Festival de Sevilla, Panorama Andaluz / SEFF 2011
Festival Internacional de Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva 2011
London Spanish Film Festival 2011
Chicago Independent Film Festival 2011.
Cinema Jove, Festival Internacional de cine de Valencia
Festival Internacional de Cine Iberoamericano de Huesca
Festival Internacional de Cine de Lanzarote
Festival Internacional de Cine de Elche
Festival Internacional de Cine de Alicante
Cortogenia, Festival de Cortometrajes
Boca del Lobo, Festival de Cortometrajes
Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Soria
Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de San Roque
Madrid Imagen, Festival de Cortometrajes
Festival de Cortometrajes Pamplona
Creatrivas, Festival de Cortometrajes
Festival de Cortometraje
Festival de Cortometrajes de Astorga