documentary by Oscar Clemente with the colaboration of
Diego Brieva, Alfonso Sanz and Miguel Brieva


“It is being increasingly confirmed, under current politics, that the tendencies within transport and mobility are unsustainable.”
Green Book of Transport, European Union.
“For some years Europe seems to have exceededits car capacity limit in which now only a small increase in traffic is counterproductive generating negative effects with respect to increase in wealth, efficiency, comfort and ease that we may associate with car ownership.
Transport Report 2000, European Union.
Now, nobody can deny that the car is an inefficient mode of transport in large cities, and that the social, economic and environmental consequences are very worrying.
Every day, millions of Europeans spend around two hours in their cars, going to and from work. This represents a total of 15 days per year. That is to say, half of their holidays. This documentary aims to contribute through the use of irony and a sense of humour, to a change in the dependency of the car as the habitual form of transport in large cities, as well as to spread proposals for a new culture in mobility.
A new culture of mobility that is not based on limiting the movements of the individual, but in the reduction of this necessity and to reflect over new forms of transport and energy- saving configurations of our territory that are more efficient and respectful to the environment.
Our contribution to this debate consists of reflecting over the social mechanisms that put the car in its privileged position, analyze the impact in the expansion of the culture of the private car and give voice to the most interesting proposals that support a new culture in mobility.



Un documental de Óscar Clemente
Con la colaboración en el guión de: Diego Brieva, Alfonso Sanz, Miguel Brieva. Y la participación de: Ramón Fernández Durán, Isidro Jiménez , Óscar Carpintero, María Cifuentes. María Sintes, Marta Román, Pilar Vega, Santiago Alba Rico, Carlos Corral, Jorge Riechmann. Pablo Fdez-Berrocal, Ana R. Díaz Vázquez, Manuel Delgado, Joao Manuel Serra (sr. do adeus). Producción ejecutiva>: Julio Vergne, Carlos Violadé. Coordinadora de Coproducciones Canal Sur: Pilar Ortega. Producción Delegada Canal Sur: Mª. Carmen Romero. Producción Ejecutiva de Flux Film Nina Frese. Dirección de producción: Julio Vergne. Ayudantes de producción: Melele Sánchez, Violeta Tudela. Diseño animaciones: Miguel Brieva, Diego Brieva. Animaciones: Estudio LuzdeMente S.C.A. Fotografía: Iván Caso, Eduardo Montero, manutrillo, Nocem Collado, Alfonso Sanz, Julio Vergne. Sonido Directo: Juan Egoscozabal. Música: Julio de la Rosa, Las buenas noches, Corte y confección. Locuciones: Ana Alonso, Javier Gallego. Montaje de sonido: Juan Egoscozabal. Mezcla de sonido: José A. Manovel. Montaje: Óscar Clemente. Coordinador de postproducción y etalonaje: Manuel Terceño. Asesor jurídico: Fernando Sánchez de Cueto. Coordinador de datos y estadísticas: Mariano González (Versus). Ayudante de Realización: Miguel Ángel Lasida. Producción en Lisboa: Anabela Mira, Isabel Freire.



Best Documentary on Science & Technology & Education.
Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival. (China). 2011.
Honorable Mention (Environmental Documentary)
XXVIII Bogotá International Film Festival. (Colombia). 2011.
Honorable MentionWWF Italy. XV Cinemambiente.
Torino (Italy). 2012.
Honorable Mention. Planete Doc Festival.
Warsaw (Poland). 2012.
Gold Medal. China International Conference of Science and Education.
Beijing (China). 2012.
Nominated to the Aljazeera Documentary Channel Award. 2012.
Nominated to the Best Documentary Award. ASECAN Awards 2013 (Spain).
Screenings: USA (Film Society, Lincon Center. New York. DC Environmental Film Festival, Washington DC). MEXICO (DocsDF. International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City. Cinema Planeta. International Environmental Film Festival of Mexico). QATAR (Aljazeera Documentary Film Festival). ITALY (Torino and Milano, Cinemambiente Tour) CZECH REP (47 Academia Film Olomuc). NORWAY (Den Norske Dokumentarfilm Festivalen). SLOVAK REP. (XVIII Envirofilm Festival). CHINA (CCTV, Gz Doc and China Dragon Awards). CANADA (XIII Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival). POLAND (Planet Doc +). COLOMBIA (Canal Cultural, Bogotá International Film Festival). IRAN (Ayat Media). TURQUEY (International Golden Saffron Documentary Film Festival). SPAIN (Ecozine, La Calle Indiscreta, Ficma, Canal Extremadura, Sevilla European Film Festival, Canal Sur, Club de Debates Urbanos Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, Ecumenópolis BCN, Festival Internacional de Cine Medioambiental de Canarias, Desinquietofest, Fundación 3 Culturas). FINLAND (Wildlife Vaasa Festival) RUSSIA (EcoCup Moscow 2013) ) COSTA RICA (Criterio Ambiental Film Fest) CHILE (Ficams). ARGENTINA (Ciclo de Cine Ambiental Buenos Aires). SOUTH KOREA (Green Film Festival Seoul) BRASIL (Filmambiente –Rio de Janeiro)